A fantastic beginning to an
imaginative and exciting new
series, Watchtowers, this novel
creates a world that verges on
perfect. However, the intelligent,
powerful yet unbalanced villain
doesn't see it that way. The
development of Jade and Raiden's
relationship is wonderful. Raiden
is all a hero should be, and the
gradual revelations about both
main characters keep the story
moving at a good pace.

In the year 3033 A.D., a powerful sorcerer who can manipulate the elements plans to wipe the earth clean and build a utopian civilization. Four women, born of the elements, with their elemental soul mate, possess the ability to stop him. Raiden is a mercenary, hired to find the source of strange weather patterns causing mass destruction.

What he finds is Jade, a woman with an untrained gift to control the air. Though Raiden has no desire to become involved with her, his overwhelming attraction to her, and the fact that it appears she plays an important part in the future of the world, has him completely changing his life's course. (Triskelion, Dec., 312 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley