Image of Air Time (Charlotte McNally Mysteries)


Image of Air Time (Charlotte McNally Mysteries)

A follow-up to Ryan's two popular
Next titles, this book's as well plotted and clever as the others. Told from
heroine Charlie's first-person perspective, it's often humorous but also has
the insights of a woman of a certain age.

En route to a meeting with an informant called the Prada P.I. for a piece on counterfeit handbags, TV reporter Charlotte McNally goes off in pursuit of what she thinks could be a scoop on another story. Discouraged when the lead goes nowhere, Charlie is approached by a woman with a business card for a company called Designer Doubles.

Charlie and her producer decide that going undercover at a "purse party" is a better angle, and it is. But the time investment places a strain on her relationship with Josh Gelston, her English-professor boyfriend, who's making noises about moving in together -- not to mention making her vulnerable to the people behind the faux handbag scam. (MIRA, Sep., 288 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer