Image of In the Air Tonight: A Shadow Force Novel


Image of In the Air Tonight: A Shadow Force Novel

Chalk up another wonderful Delta Force novel for Tyler, and this may be the best yet. It’s a traditional romantic suspense with murder, passion and a “to die for” hunk, but Tyler has added the extra touch of paranormal by giving her heroine psychic abilities. It adds extra interest and conflict to the already exciting plot.

Born with the ability to touch people and know their past, Paige Grayson survived a horror — her older, psychotic brother slaughtered her friends right in front of her in the school cafeteria. Paige has spent her life trying to forget that awful day. When a recent incident brings it all back, Paige decides to go visit the one person her now deceased beloved step-brother told her she could count on, Mace Stevens. Mace always knew Paige would walk through his door one day; he just isn’t prepared when it finally happens. Paige has always made his blood run hot and fast. Now she’s at his bar and she wants answers about why her stepbrother, a fellow Delta Force operative, died. Unfortunately, Mace can’t give her the answers she needs. But with someone gunning for her, he can help protect her even if it means letting her inside his mind and deep into his painful past. (DELL, Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton