When Forensic archaeologist and an-thropologist Dr. Lindsay Chamberlain disappears after attending a conference, her friends and family immediately raise the alarm. Their prayers are answered when she is found by the side of the road, dirty, disheveled and confused. At first Lindsay cant remember who she is; however, shortly thereafter the horrible memories return and Lindsay realizes that someone tried to bury her alive.

Unfortunately, Lindsay never saw her kidnappers, so they remain at large. Lindsays boss, Francisco Lewis thinks sending Lindsay on a "vacation" dig will do her good. The dig at Helget Pond should be straightforward and simple enough, but a local family has accused the digs leader of being responsible for a wrongful death.

Initially the claim of wrongful death looks ludicrous, but as Lindsay starts diggingboth figuratively and literallycertain elements dont add up. When menacing messages arrive, Lindsay fears that her kidnappers intend to complete their work.

Beverly Connor is unquestionably one of the premier voices in suspense today. Her knack for combining technical archaeological details with gripping mystery is unmatched! (Oct., 352 pp., $20.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith