When he was a foundling child, Amyas St. Ives was sent to the Antipodes for stealing. But he vows someday to return to England and make his own destiny. After serving his time, Amyas is pardoned by His Majesty and returns to England.

Now a self-made, wealthy man, Amyas plans to find some inkling of his family and marry a woman of social standing. Miss Grace Tremellyn might make him a good wife, but it is Grace's adopted sister Amber who intrigues him. She is beautiful, smart and desirable, and Amber feels the same attraction for this handsome, dangerous-looking man. But nothing can come of their feelings for each other. Amber has no name and no real family and is a foundling just like Amyas. Will Amyas discover before it is too late that Amber is his destiny?

A spin-off of The Return of the Earl, Alas, My Love is a poignantly written, sensual love story and a heart-tugger with finely honed characters. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond