Image of Alaskan Wolf


Image of Alaskan Wolf
ALASKAN WOLF (3) by Linda O. Johnston: Having been sent to Alaska to investigate a mysterious threat to the glaciers, Alpha Force wolf shapeshifter Lt. Patrick Worley must act as a guide for magazine writer Mariah Garver in his cover role as a dogsled driver. In the area to write an article on local wildlife, Mariah is nevertheless interested in what’s happening with the glaciers. In her quest for the story, she inadvertently uncovers Patrick’s secret. The two then work together to stop a greedy mine owner from destroying the glaciers in his attempt to extract minerals from the ocean floor. This is a pleasant read set in a fairly uncommon location. While the story is well written, the description of the Alaskan wildlife is just a bit weak, as is the description of Patrick’s shift from man to wolf.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay