In a haunting tale of seduction and power, Donna Boyd turns from her powerful werewolf series to begin an equally mesmerizing saga of immortals that influenced the course of history. Motivation, commitment and sacrifice are woven into a lyrical tapestry of ancient magic and eternal love. THE ALCHEMIST is a quick read that touches the soul.

At the hidden House of Ra in ancient Egypt, three initiates train in magic, philosophy and science but chafe at the restrictions placed on their lessons. Akan, Nefar and Han are the most gifted initiates to be taught in 2,000 years, yet their youthful experiments lead to calamity and immortality. Afterward, hiding in the desert Akan and Han compete for the heart of Nefar, not knowing who and if shell choose, until a stranger scares them back to Egypt and to their destiny as shapers of the world.

(Jan., 240 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper