Image of Alchemystic (A Spellmason Chronicle)


Image of Alchemystic (A Spellmason Chronicle)

Strout fans will be thrilled to learn that he has come out with a brand- new, gothic-tinged urban fantasy series — featuring a heroine with some strange family secrets. Told through alternating first-person narratives, Alchemystic is thrilling, funny and eerie — all the elements that make Strout books such irreverent fun!

Alexandra “Lexi” Belarus and her family are longtime New York City residents; in fact her great-great-grandfather built the Belarus mansion overlooking Gramercy Park. Unlike her brother Devon, who successfully helms their family’s real estate agency, Lexi is an artistic dreamer. However, when Devon is killed in a freak accident, Lexi must take over the business. Things get even odder when Lexi is attacked by a strange, tattooed man — and then saved by a bizarre winged creature made of stone. As a gargoyle created by talented spellmason Alexander Belarus, Stanis has covertly guarded the Belarus family for a century. But once Lexi learns of his existence, she is determined to understand him and find out why her family is under attack. (ACE, Oct., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith