Charleston Special Assistant Solicitor Hammond Cross is having a drink and blowing off steam, when he spots a beautiful woman. After he rescues her from some overeager off-duty military personnel, they spend a magical night together. But when daylight comes, so do complications.

While Hammond was taking a little R&R, someone shot and killed developer Lute Pettijohn in a suite at his own hotel, the Charles Towne Plaza. Lutes none-too-grief-stricken widow, Davee insists her friend Hammond be given the case. He returns to find all hell has broken loose.

Then his mystery woman turns out to be the unidentified lady seen near Lutes suite before the murder, and Hammond faces a situation that could ruin him both personally and professionally.

Megastar Sandra Brown is in top form with this tense and intriguing tale of divided loyalties and hidden secrets. THE ALIBI is riveting drama at its best. (Aug., 490 pp., $7.00—Hardcover published October 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith