Mary Alice Donnelly pleads with her father for help in protecting her Four Roses Mine, and he agrees to send her a partner. Meanwhile two armed men, Cutter and Sean, come racing to her side. Then Travis Deal, a cowardly dandy scared of his own shadow, arrives as Mary Alice's protector.

Travis becomes Mary Alice's shadow while Cutter seeks information in the saloon and Sean works the mine. Mary Alice has always hidden her wild beauty beneath men's clothing, but Travis treats her like a lady and she's beginning to like it.

There is a tragic mine explosion that sends Mary Alice into Travis' arms for comfort. Even though she senses he is hiding something, she surrenders her heart into his keeping.

Later, convinced that Travis has lied about his identity and betrayed her trust, Mary Alice tries to avoid him. When they are caught by their enemy, however, Mary Alice must work to free them and to uncover Travis' secrets.

ALICE AND THE GUNFIGHTER is a another charming, delightfully amusing tale from the multi-talented Ms. Carberry. So far the Donnelly sisters' matchmaking father has managed to provide partners for three of his daughters and the last might prove to be his greatest challenge yet. Please don't keep us waiting too long for Teresa's story. SENSUAL (June, 368 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor