Image of Alice in Everville


Image of Alice in Everville

Langgle’s first novel is a treat. An interesting take on the girl-on-a-mission trope, it follows the heroine on a “harrowing” adventure through her local mall. Hilarious supporting characters will make readers take a second look at those around them.

Alice is a normal girl, if you count a sister who loves to splash in the mall fountain, a mother suffering from depression and her own obsession with Sylvie Plate. Thinking she’s discovered the beginnings of a secret message hinting that Sylvie was murdered, Alice rushes to the mall to talk it over with her favorite teacher. Along the way she must juggle caring for her sister, a chance encounter with her crush and more before she can finish the code and reveal the message. (PENDRELL, Mar., $10.99, 180 pp., ISBN: 9780983558057, PB, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper