Image of Alien in the Family: Alien Novels, Book Three


Image of Alien in the Family: Alien Novels, Book Three

Kitty Katt and Jeff Martini’s human/alien wedding just got royally complicated in this chapter of Koch’s wonderfully outlandish, kick-butt series. The human and Alpha-Centaurian gang is up to their usual tricks. The Vegas setting only accentuates the wackiness, which Koch deftly meshes with real menace and danger. Leave it to Kitty to have a wedding that borders on apocalyptic! Laugh-out-loud fun!

Kitty is already stressing about her upcoming wedding to A-C hunk Jeff when she learns that some extraterrestrial visitors may be crashing the event. Although his home world exiled Jeff and his family generations ago, Jeff is now in line to become king. Suddenly Kitty must pass some tests before she’s deemed an acceptable mate. The CIA and Centaurian Division are not thrilled with the development and Kitty is positive she will flunk the tests — assuming she even gets to take them, as a pair of Amazonian terrorists are determined to wreak havoc on the nuptials! (DAW, Apr., 480 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith