This erotic romance is also an exciting science fiction story. What little world-building is necessary is well done, and the characters are nicely developed. Some readers may find the hero's treatment of the heroine objectionable, though she does get her revenge in the end. This story includes menage a trois and some BDSM.

On Earth seeking women to help repopulate his planet, which was decimated by genocidal enemies, Garathani commander Kellen is amazed to find a Sparnite-Garathani hybrid in the form of a pure human, Monica Teague, a medical researcher. He immediately claims her as his mate, with Lieutenant Shauss as secondary claimant.

Unaware of her heritage, Monica volunteers to live on Garathan for 10 years to help the women who are moving there. But when her physical transformation into a Sparnite begins, she finds herself on the Garathani ship with plenty of pursuers. The only way to stay safe is to mate with Kellen and Shauss. (Ellora's Cave, May, 158 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley