Image of Alien Proliferation: Alien Novels, Book Four


Image of Alien Proliferation: Alien Novels, Book Four

In spite of an intergalactic incident, human Kitty Katt and A-C Jeff Martini managed to tie the knot, and now they face an even bigger challenge: a baby shower. Koch’s wild and wacky Alien series just keeps getting better. In this chapter, mixed in with the danger and high jinks, there is also extreme creepiness. The hint of poignancy also makes the action and humor all the more intense.

The new Mrs. Kitty Martini is not thrilled to be on bed rest, but she gets really concerned when she suspects there is a new plot against her team. Then Kitty’s friend Amy calls, frightened that she is about to be killed, so the Alpha Centauri team springs into action. Amy’s rescue is only the first tentacle in an insidious plot to eliminate key people, including Kitty’s mom and Chuckie. With all this turmoil, baby Martini decides she wants to come early, with life-changing results. (DAW, Dec., 480 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith