This erotic science fiction novella was a great way to spend a few hours. Cain deftly illustrates the lead characters. Heroine Alinna shines with high-spirited determination, her character arc (from being career-driven to focused on love) is a joy to watch unfold. And David's upstanding nature is evidenced by the way he wrestles with guilt and his lust for Alinna. Furthmore, Cain's worldbuilding is enjoyable as she packs the story with details of futuristic technology and alien abilities.  The author makes the story even stronger when she ratchets up the heat. From Alinna's special alien nerves to David's exploration of his own fetishes, Cain uses detail to make their erotic encounters meaningful. The couple also engages in BDSM, love play that  reinforces readers' understanding of David and Alinna's multi-layered relationship. Ultimately the chemistry between the two characters, and Alinna's honest desire to make things right with David, make Alien Revealed a delightful read.

Alien spy Alinna is only supposed to be observing the star station staffed with humans. She is not supposed to be crashlanding there! But when she is discovered by Major David and mistaken for part of the new crew he is expecting, she decides to brazen her way through the situation.  However, nothing prepared Alinna for the psychic connection she and David form (or their chemistry on the psychic plane). But when the star station is attacked and Alinna reveals her true identity to David, she risks her new love for the fate of her alien race. (CARINA PRESS., June, dl. $3.99)


Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan