Image of Alien Tango: Alien Novels, Book Two


Image of Alien Tango: Alien Novels, Book Two

If you like your futuristic adventure with heapings of over-the-top fun and absurdity, Koch has the series for you. In this second installment, Koch places her intrepid heroine Kitty Katt smack in the middle of several murderous plots. Kitty’s world view has recently undergone a seismic shift and readers are along for the riotous ride as she combines gut instinct and a practical bent while facing dangers both alien and domestic. A rip-roaring and outlandish romp!

It has only been a short while since former marketing manager Kitty learned aliens (or A-C’s, from Alpha Centauri) really do walk among us. Now working as part of the mixed Human/A-C Airborne Division of the government’s Centaurion Division, Kitty is getting a crash course in danger and adventure while enjoying the excitement of romance with A-C Commander Jeff Martini. Kitty, Jeff and their unit are urgently called to the Kennedy Space Center when an experimental vehicle is unexpectedly returned to Earth. Getting there proves to be a challenge, as an assassination attempt is made. Upon arrival, events take an even weirder turn when Kitty learns that she has an unhinged stalker. But perhaps Kitty’s biggest challenge will be meeting Jeff’s family! (DAW, Dec., 448 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith