Image of Alien vs. Alien: Alien Novels, Book Six


Image of Alien vs. Alien: Alien Novels, Book Six

Feeling a bit low? There’s no better prescription than a hefty dose of Koch humor and kick-ass action! When it comes to futuristic fun, Koch has literally written the book(s), as Kitty Katt-Martini’s outlandish adventures are completely giggle-inducing. A wonderful element of this series is how Kitty’s adversaries constantly underestimate her and find themselves in for some very rude awakenings.

American Centaurion Ambassador Kitty and her baby daughter Jamie are down in Florida with her in-laws. Kitty is none too thrilled when Senator Armstrong turns up on her doorstep, trying to blackmail her with with alleged naked pictures of Kitty with Chuckie Reynolds. While they all know the pictures are fake, it does raise the question: What are the blackmailers after? Then, during a routine security clearance test, Kitty is attacked by an android who claims Chuckie gave the orders. Someone or something is determined to drive a wedge into Kitty’s tight-knit group. (DAW, Dec., 512 pp., $7.99)

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