Image of Alison's Wonderland


Image of Alison's Wonderland

An eclectic collection of stories loosely based on fables and fairy tales, this has something for everyone. In addition to the three stories summarized, there are also some intriguing offerings by Portia Da Costa, Lana Fox and Tyler herself.

In Sommer Marsden’s “The Three Billys,” slightly repressed librarian Philomena Troll is surrounded by a surplus of lovely men named Billy when a repair crew invades her domain. But “Big” Billy Benjamin tempts her to stray from her routine. In Erica DeQuaya’s “The Midas F*ck,” overweight plain Jane Laura dreams about an angel, and suddenly she’s irresistible to men. The catch: She can’t become aroused by any of them. Until she meets Rick, who’s having the same problem with women. In Bella Dean’s “Wolff’s Tavern,” Ruby’s car breaks down on her way to her grandmother’s house. The proprietor, Ryan, comes to her rescue, and also gives her the ride of her life! (SPICE, Jul., 416 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer