McKenna's latest title is a scorching romance featuring three men who are indeed all about themselves. Although the author's heroines inevitably match her heroes' tactics, readers who enjoy lighter, more tender romantic encounters might be turned off by the forceful -- sometimes angry -- sexual situations depicted here. But each story is emotional, gripping and sensual in its own way.

Fleeing her past and headed for her future, Annie Simon gets in over her head and loses her heart when she finally meets the motorcycle man who has been following her across the country. "Something Wild" is urgent and erotically charged.

Headhunter Jane Duvall meant to snag the general manager of the hotel chain for her client, but instead she bagged the CEO for herself, and she gives in to his demands and plays out a fantasy in "Meltdown," a comical and sassy story.

Massage therapist Tess Langley gets rubbed in all the right ways when she accepts an offer to work a house party for a handsome and rich client who is doing his best to date her. "Touch Me" is the most tender story of the bunch. (KENSINGTON, Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen