The Cynster saga continues as an honorary family member, Giles Rawlings, Earl of Chillingsworth, sets out to avoid the Cynster fate of marrying for love. He enters into an arranged marriage with Francesca Hermione Rawlings, a woman he believes to be docile, malleable, sweet and passionless; in other words, his ideal wife.

But Giles is in for a big surprise when he lifts his brides veil and discovers he has married another Francesca, his intendeds cousin, whom hes dubbed a wild gypsy. This Francesca is the one woman who can make him fall in love. Though their marriage was arranged and Giles thinks hes married the wrong woman, they are truly meant for one another. Passions flare to new heights as their deepening love draws them together. But there is another whose fragile mental state threatens their lives and love.

Laurens gifts readers with a highly sensual romance and wonderful storytelling. Add a hint of danger and sizzling passion, and readers are in for one wild rideair conditioning required! VERY SENSUAL (Sep., 426 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin