Though Sophie Barringtons guardian has made arrangements for her to marry Lord Nicholas, Sophie has ideas of her own. In love with another she accepts Lord Nicholas offer of marriage while planning to run away with Justin before the wedding.

Sophies plan backfires and she finds herself without Justin, a marriage proposal or money. With her guardians disappearance her choices are debtors prison or finding a place to hide. Desperation forces Sophie to accept a position as a maid at the Marquess of Beresfords estate.

Nicholas knows his scarred face and reputation have made him intriguing and that he is a most eligible bachelor, but after the Sophie fiasco he has no mind to marry. But coming home brings an unexpected surprise: Sophie. Now, Nicholas has a chance to discover just what kind of a woman she is.

Some months ago Sophie might have been a foolish girl but hard work and a new outlook on life have made her thoughtful and courageous. When given a chance to help others she finds that the lessons she learns have made her a better person, a woman worthy of and ready to fight for Nicholas love.

This book is a light and delightful Regency romance that follows in the footsteps of the classics of the genre. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin