Bestselling author Susan Kyle (AKA Diana Palmer) returns to larger contemporary fiction with her newest release ALL THAT GLITTERS.

Ivory .. can't shake the dust of Texas off her shoes fast enough. When a fashion design award guarantees her an entry-level position in a prestigious New York clothing firm, Ivory takes to her new life with happiness and hope.

A chance encounter with Curry Kells, head of a company, allows Ivory the opportunity to exhibit her designs. Curry knows talent when he sees it, and soon promotes Ivory to senior designer. Curry and Ivory's budding relationship is, however, built on a very shaky foundation, as Ivory has fabricated a new life history.

Ivory's worst nightmares are realized when her grasping, blackmailing mother learns of Ivory's success and arrives in New York determined to receive her "due."

Does the passionate love between Curry & Ivory stand a chance against the coming emotional storm?

ALL THAT GLITTERS delivers all the passion, heartache and tender romance that readers have come to expect from the prolific and engaging Ms. Kyle. (May, 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith