Image of All Grown Up (Men of Wolff Mountain)


Image of All Grown Up (Men of Wolff Mountain)
ALL GROWN UP (3) by Janice Maynard: Annalise Wolff had once loved her brother’s friend Sam Ely, but ever since he turned her down in a crushing way, the two have battled. Now, the pretty restorationist is stranded in a mountain cabin with the man who sets her pulse racing. Sam knew Annalise was too young for him when she threw herself at him, but the youngest Wolff has certainly grown up — and now he’s got a few days to find out if he can melt all the ice she’s built up around her heart. There’s a lot of sizzle between these two but Annalise’s troubled childhood memories make it hard for her to deal with relationships and makes it hard for readers to warm up to her as a result.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper