Image of All He Ever Wanted


Image of All He Ever Wanted
ALL HE EVER WANTED (2) by Emily McKay: When Dalton Cain’s father issues an edict from his sickbed — find his missing illegitimate daughter, or the business his family built from the ground up will be turned over to the state — it drives Dalton into the path of Laney Fortino, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Laney and Dalton were once childhood friends — until the teenage Dalton pushed the wild-child granddaughter of his staid housekeeper, hurting Laney and sending her running away. But now he needs her help to try to pick through an old woman’s fractured memories. Unfortunately, too little trust and communication, as well as a heroine who isn’t likable enough to make readers care, make this one a tough read.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper