The highly-charged emotions and sensual memories of a divorced couple brought face-to-face ten years after a divorce is not an easy task for any author.However, with a hilarious opening scene, the frissons of terror from a hunted killer, and a celebrity cast of personalities, Heather Graham Pozzessere introduces you to an exceptional group of entertainers brought together for a reunion to flush out an old killer.

This steamy, suspenseful storyline will have readers guessing the identity of the murderer and sharing an intense and universal situation: meeting up with a former sensual partner and discovering that you are just as attracted to each other as you were when you both were younger.

As many mature women have discovered, hormones have no boundaries when the right man is on the scene.

Meeting up with an old love years later and feeling the emotions and memories spinning your consciousness into a new realm is a shared experience.

(May, 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Sullivan