Gillian of Warewick is fated to wed the notorious Christopher, the Dragon of Blackmour, a mighty warrior whose name strikes fear in his enemies. Though it is not what she would have wished, it is best she begins a new life.

Christopher does not want a wife. Fate left him without his sight and few know of his wound, for he hides it well. He still trains with his men and wields his sword in the lists and rules his castle. Yet he fears what may happen when Gillian learns the truth.

Fulfilling a promise, Christopher sends for his bride, remembering her as a lovely child, not a woman. Though wary of her husband, Gillian accepts her place in his household and tries to unravel the mystery surrounding him.

Their blossoming relationship, the powerful love that grows and the wondrous healing of their souls is what makes this such a stunning love story. Ms. Kurland does not patronize Christopher's handicap. With compassion and a true understanding of those things that challenge a person, she tackles his blindness as well as Gillian's emotional scaring, making this an exceptionally emotional and meaningful read. Do not miss this debut historical novel from a true rising star. SENSUAL (Aug. 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin