A case of mistaken identity plunges innocent English artist Francesca Reahy into an unusual and deadly game of espionage. Her resemblance to the Earl of Meres sister-in-law, the notorious exotic dancer, Samara Teva, brings her into Alexs home.

Assuming Samaras identity, Francesca performs nearly naked in front of the arrogant earl only because of the strange threats he has made toward her childhood champion, Colm.

As a master spy, Alex is determined to gain the information he knows Samara possesses. He will keep her prisoner until he has what he wants and will get it any way he can.

They behave instinctively as they are drawn into a clever game of cat-and-mouse: the innocent Francesca plays with fire, but it is Alex who gets burned by how tempting she is.

A very tightly woven web of deceit, sexuality, intrigue and forbidden desires merge seamlessly in another erotic thriller from the pen of the Devine Queen of American Erotica. The sizzling attraction between the Earl and Francesca simmers under the surface of a hostile relationship, making it all the more titillating. That and the need to discover the truth about Colm glues the reader to the pages. The pieces of the puzzle slowly fall together while the sexuality explodes. Ms. Devines erotic suspense will more than satisfy the senses. SENSUAL (July, 389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin