This third title in the Compass Club Quartet is the story of Gabriel Whitney, Marquess of Eastlyn. As the "tinker," he fixes things. His latest government mission brings him face to face with the family of his childhood nemesis and an unexpected betrothal.

Since her father's death, Lady Sophie Colley has lived on the sufferance of her family. She doesn't believe the rumor that the Marquess of Eastlyn desires her hand in marriage until Gabriel shows up in person. Sophie refuses his proposal, much to her ruthless brother's anger.

Gabriel is immediately enchanted with Sophie, and when he sees how she's brutally punished for her independence, he convinces her to run off with him. He plans to expose a member of Sophie's family for involvement in dealings that could bring disaster to the country. But he falls in love and ends up caught in his own trap.

Carefully plotted and highly romantic, with a leisurely pace and a heartwarming love story, ALL I EVER NEEDED is a touching feel-good read with a determined hero and independent heroine. It complements the series. SENSUAL (Oct., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin