Although this novel has plenty of pleasures, including Fisher's deft touch with humor, the overall effect is marred by a suspense plot that sags in the middle and a love story that feels clichéd.The characters, while likeable, keep unnecessary secrets from each other to serve the plot, which is based on misunderstandings that would never happen if they treated each other with a normal amount of courtesy and honesty.

Heroine, Dr. Drew Cooper is every man's fantasy. She's blonde, has a killer figure, a good job and owns her own home. Science fiction author Maxfield Sinclair is rich and gorgeous.

When these two meet at a convention, trouble soon follows. Drew doesn't respect Max's genre. Drew's sister develops a crush on Max. Max's mom comes to visit.

And then a series of nearly fatal accidents starts to seem more than coincidental...

(dk $5.99, dl $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison