Casey Straton is more than capable of running the ranch she inherits from her grandfather, but her father, Chandros, wont allow it, even though he taught her everything she knows. To prove him wrong Casey leaves home and takes a job only a man can doshe becomes a bounty hunter.

Damian Rutledge III is a real greenhorn, but hes determined to have his revenge on the man who ruined his family. When he walks into Caseys camp and discovers the bounty hunter known as Kid, hes found the one person who can help him in his quest.

Casey has already collected five bounties and isnt sure she needs the job offered by Damian, who has no idea that Kid is a woman.

What begins as a journey of revenge becomes one of the soul as Damien discovers Kids true identity and the growing love he feels for her. For Casey love is a new and wondrous, but dangerous, feeling. Shes fearless when it comes to facing the wrong end of a gun, but not when she has to face her fragile feelings for Damien.

In this sequel to A Heart So Wild, Johanna Lindsey gives everything you expect and more. She taps into fantasies and adds a large dose of humor, poignancy, adventure and passion to spice up your reading experience. To read a Lindsey is to add joy to your day. SENSUAL (Dec., 400pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin