For the past nine years, small business owner Susan Carpenter morphs into Suzi Christmas. In a tradition started by her late husband, Susan covers every square inch of her home with lights and seasonal displays for people to view. Unfortunately, Susans neighbors, the Rawlins, are not amused by the lights or the traffic.

When his renters abandon the property across the street from Suzi because of the hoopla, Don Rawlins has had enough. He convinces his godson, Luke Potter, to join a lawsuit against Susan.

After Suzi is served with the lawsuit, her attempts to contact Luke fail and she feels like shes run into a modern day Scrooge. When Lukes meddling brother Ben hires Suzis Yours For A Song company to deliver a birthday message to Luke, things get complicated quick.

Secret identities and meddling family members make this delightful novel a heartwarming read. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS should be on your Christmas list. (Oct., 336 pp, $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith