Book eight of the Rough Riders series will gladden longtime and new fans alike. James expertly combines a sweet romance, humor and sizzling sex. The fast pace and crisp dialogue keep the pages moving, and the characters are very likable and realistic. It’s a fun, sexy and emotionally fulfilling read.

For years, Keely McKay has detested Jack Donohue, her oldest brother’s best friend. However, he is the key to making her dream of a physical therapy clinic a reality. She never expects that her fiercest enemy would offer her a decent proposal, literally. A lucrative project hinges on a steady personal life, so Jack offers his services as a restoration specialist to Keely if she will pose as his fiancée. But as their passion ignites, can they put aside their combative relationship to find a lasting love? (SAMHAIN, Oct., 280 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart