Image of All the King's Horses


Image of All the King's Horses

Western fans will enjoy this book featuring horse training. It begins a little slowly but picks up as the protagonists’ relationship builds, and concludes with a satisfactory happily ever after. However, the first person narrative from both the hero’s and heroine’s perspectives may be difficult for some readers to follow. Contains graphic sex scenes.

After her abusive husband’s unexpected death, Amy Dover leaves her home and career behind to become a farmhand and seeks refuge at Dustin King’s horse farm. Dustin discovers Amy is an award-winning professional trainer and doesn’t understand why she accepted his farmhand position. As his trust in her abilities builds, Dustin asks Amy to help with two abused horses — allowing her to reconnect emotionally with the animals she loves. When Amy’s career forces her to return to her own thriving business, will their sexual attraction be enough to sustain their budding relationship? (SAMHAIN, Nov., 296 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Janice Carol