Professor Lily Carlson, author of Vampires: Myth and Reality, has never met a vampire, despite her ongoing studies of them. All she has met are vampire wannabes. Then Joe Garcia arrives and her life is turned upside down. Joe was a policeman before he was transformed into a creature of the night. Now he seeks out Lily, hoping she'll have the knowledge to make him human again. Taking steps to convince her he's the real deal, he finds out she has her own problems.

Lately, Lily is in a constant state of sexual frenzy. When Joe shows up on her balcony and in her bed, instead of being frightened, as he expected, she's delighted. Finally, she can satisfy her longings, even if they reappear continuously.

Devlin has written a very sexy, fun story. Joe and Lily's passionate journey is told with good dialogue and a light touch. Lots of straight and anal sex on top of a growing relationship make this a true erotica. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor