Award-winning photojournalist Ray Coleman escapes from the war-torn Middle East, yearning for comfort from the only woman he's ever loved. He fears, however, that despite their pact of friendship, she can't forgive him for the travesty he made of their lives years ago.

Amber Spencer, owner and operator of an elite daycare center, is ecstatic to see Ray again. She's so in love with him that she can barely keep her hands off him.She's determined to bring their true feelings into the open, to force their relationship to a deeper intimacy. All her plans come to fruition but for the wrong reasons. After her life is threatened and the security of the school is breached, Amber wonders if Ray's proposal results from his need to protect her, to be her warrior or from true love.

Once again Bette Ford has captured the elusive effervescence of love through brilliant characters and intriguing plot. ALL THE LOVE is everything a keeper should be-sensual, evocative and unforgettable. (Jan., 296 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson