Honey Tate is the talk of New Orleans. Not only has she returned from her stint on the runways of New York to become a human mannequin for an expensive clothing shop in New Orleans, she has also become best friends with a woman reputed to be from a long line of courtesans. Honey enlists the help of attorney Stephen Turner to clear her new friends name, as well as to help her purchase her childhood home, and to solve the mystery of her childhood: why Honeys father was so interested in the white house her friend calls home.

Stephen helps Honey to purchase her family home, but is reluctant to clear her friends name for fear of scandal. After he admits to being in love with Honey, he suggests that he and Honey keep their relationship a secret while he quietly finds a way to clear her friends name. Honey balks at the idea of keeping their relationship a secret, but after Stephen is hurt in an accident, she realizes whats important.

Despite a slow start, readers will enjoy this intriguing look into New Orleans high society. (Mar., 253 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks