Here is a story of mistaken identity, honor, learning to trust and wanting to be loved for yourself. Sir Alexander DeFrouchette needs revenge. The man who killed his father has both his land and the woman who was to be his wife. Kidnapping Allis could help settle the debt. Laying in wait at the marketplace, he watches his enemy arrive with the woman who should be his.

But instead of Allis, it is Lady Isabelle, second daughter of the Earl of Montclair, who accompanies her brother-in-law to the market and it is she who is kidnapped. Realizing it's her best chance to stay alive, she plays along.

Ms. Moore writes a predictable romance. Fans of medievals will enjoy the story, and though Isabelle and Alexander have moments where you see what they are made of, character growth is uneven. SENSUAL (Oct., 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera