When three brothers were separated as children they never dreamed the day would come when they would be reunited. Now that Colin and Decker have found one another, they will do anything to locate their younger brother, once known as Graham Denison.

Grey Janeway isnt sure if Berkeley Shaw is a fortune teller, a clairvoyant or a charlatan, but he does know that the beautiful young woman is trouble from the moment he rescues her from a band of dockside ruffians.

Berkeley has traveled from Boston to California searching for Graham Denison. With only a family heirloom, a pearl and gold earring to guide her, Berkeley is sure shes found her man when she meets Grey.

The owner of the finest establishment in the city, Grey hires Berkeley to act as hostess and to read palms. He is taken by her innocent charm, vulnerability and her gift. Against his better judgment he begins to trust and fall in love.

Meanwhile, Berkeley is unwillingly drawn to Grey and becomes first his friend and hostess, then his lover and wife. Yet, her reasons for seeking him out and the terrible secrets they are both hiding, along with Colin and Deckers need to find their long lost brother, entangle them in a dangerous web.

The final book in Ms. Goodmans trilogy is a tightly woven, complex tale with threads of the paranormal. Taking characters from previous books and adding new, endearing people to the cast, Ms. Goodman has given readers another keeper. SENSUAL (Apr., 420 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin