Lydia Lord has had her heart broken more than once by infidelity and by insensitivity. The celebrated chef is certain that no other man will get that close to her or make her feel that much pain ever again.

A sports director at a new summer camp, former pro football player Kennedy Fletcher's own past includes betrayal and pain. But meeting the new chef presents an amazing challenge he can't back away from. Neither Kennedy nor Lydia has the strength to avoid a summer fling.

This story of two people who've been hurt in past relationships is one that deserves the happy ending it gets. The story is told well, especially since the protagonists are responsible adults.

As an added treat, Alers' first book, Home Sweet Home—the story of Lydia's older brother, Quentin—is included in this volume. (Aug., 480 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor