Sharon Colson runs out of
money and luck in the small town
of Los Ninos de la Noche and is
desperate to find a job. A singer
and bartender, she applies at the
All Night Inn, a lounge that caters
to parafolk. But to get the job, she
must be marked by the vampire owner.

Jonathan Knottmann has seen
alot in his three centuries as a nightwalker, but he's never marked a
human without a mental link with
them. Sharon refuses the link but
insists he mark her. Agreeing, he
makes Sharon his companion but doesn't explain to her what has happened. Without the mental link, he
is at risk, not only from the feelings
he has for Sharon, but from his
extended family as well.

Despite her feelings for Jonathan, Sharon doesn't plan on staying at
the inn for long, since her goal is
to return to Los Angeles. When her brother/manager arrives with an
offer from a well-known club, she demands that Jonathan remove
his mark and let her leave.

Miller has done a fine job mingling her world of parafolk with that of contemporary American culture. Her witches are spellcasters, her werewolves are shapeshifters and her vampires are nightwalkers. The latter can fly when there's a full moon and, while more romantic than driving, the flying scene stretches credulity in a book that otherwise works as a contemporary love
story. (dl $6.49)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice