Image of All or Nothing (Coxwell Family)


Image of All or Nothing (Coxwell Family)

Cross' character-driven tale has some touching scenes and surprising twists. The plot is nicely executed and holds your attention. Those seeking an enjoyable yarn, where they will be rooting for the heroine and hero, may want
to check this one out.

In hopes of avoiding her mother's matchmaking, Jen is looking for the "perfect" Thanksgiving date -- a man her tofu turkey-eating family will hate. At first glance, Zach Coxwell seems to fit the bill. He's handsome, attended law school and has a trust fund. Jen doesn't realize that he also hates commitments but loves a challenge.

After agreeing to the fake date and spending the day with Jen's family, Zach's next challenge is to tackle is Jen and the past she doesn't want to share. When she confides in him about a personal matter and he doesn't flee, she questions what she believes about Zach's character. Burned in the past, Jen is reluctant to consider she's not being played.

Is it possible for Zach to convince her that their sham of a relationship can become something truly special? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Apr., 384 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee