Jo Sha has traveled to Earth and back to the year 2004. As heir to the throne of his planet, Tanviera, his duty is clear—to do whatever it takes to save his sister. She is being held hostage by a radical group who wants Dr. Helen Matthews—head environmental researcher on Earth—eliminated in return for his sister's freedom.

In the guise of Dr. Joshua Trem, he insinuates himself into Helen's life. The fact that she is one of a few not of his race to whom he can send his thoughts complicates his mission. When Helen is injured, Josh accepts that he cannot bring himself to harm her. Now he must devise a plan that will save both his sister and Helen. To do so, he feels he must bring Helen to his home on Tanviera—and to the year 3005.

All Our Tomorrows takes you on a strongly sensual journey to the future. The heroine's acceptance of her unusual experiences is quite believable. Though I didn't really find this to be a riveting story, I will certainly be on the lookout for more stories about the secondary characters introduced here. (dl $5.50, dk $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley