Public Defender Georgette Shaw has never seen her mother, a famous 1960s activist and best-selling writer, as rattled as after an interview with handsome journalist Clayton Knight. Georgette confronts him and discovers he's a private detective.

Clay falls for Georgette instantly, but knows she and her twin sister Bree won't be happy campers when they discover he's been sent by their father, who walked out on their mother thirty years ago. Their father wants to make amends. Their mother's message to her long-lost lover? Drop dead.

Clay is soon unwittingly caught in the middle of the feud, and Georgette keeps him at arm's distance until he rescues her from a gun-toting hood. That, at least, earns him a small token of her good graces. Clay is determined to have Georgette for keeps-but before he can woo the lovely lady, he has to discover who wants her dead.

In a powerful, poignant story of love, betrayal, murder and madness, Janice Sims has created another keeper for 1997. Bravissimo, Ms. Sims! (June, 252 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson