Image of All Seeing Eye


Image of All Seeing Eye

Multitalented Thurman is moving in a new direction by offering up a supernatural thriller that features a cynical psychic. Life has not been kind to Jackson Lee, which has resulted in a hero who doesn’t merely put up walls around his emotions — Jack opts for virtual electric fences. Thurman specializes in damaged characters with a strong sense of family. Creepy and chilling, this is a ghost story with a killing edge.

Jackson Lee’s life unraveled the day he found his 5-year-old sister Tessa’s shoe and learned, by touching it, that she had been murdered. Tessa’s death unleashed a horrific family massacre that left Jack in a state home —where he met Charlie Allgood. Years later, it is Charlie’s death that drags Jack into a secret government study. Jack has made a living off his psychometric ability but lets only his dog and his secretary/adopted sister Abby into his heart. Initially, Jack wants nothing to do with Hector Allgood’s request that he participate in an experiment. However Jack is blackmailed into helping when he learns it involves both Charlie’s death and another experiment that went horribly wrong. (POCKET, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith