ALL SMILES, a spin-off of More and More, reunites readers with that mischievous old Shade Sir Septimus Spivey.

Sir Spivey resides in the newel post at 7 Mayfair Square and his main purpose in life (actually in death) is to get rid of the boarders who reside in the house. He devises a scheme to rid the premises of Meg Smiles and her sister.

In need of money, Meg accepts the position as companion to Princess Deseree, Count Estrangers (Jean-Marc) young sister.

Meg soon finds herself settled in number 7 Mayfair Square, her days spent preparing the Princess for her debut. The charming Jean-Marc sneaks beneath her defenses and Meg finds herself falling in love.

Half-English and illegitimate, Jean-Marc is his fathers heir and caught in a passionate love affair with Meg. Can he take the orphaned daughter of a clergyman as his wife or should he take her as his mistress?

Needless to say, Sir Spivey is beside himself at this turn of events. But Jean-Marcs priorities are put to the test when Meg suspicious accidents threaten Meg.

Ms. Cameron is at her best as she cleverly weaves a delightfully funny, impassioned and intriguing story. But one cannot believe that she has heard the last of that meddling Old Shade, Sir Septimus Spivey. SENSUAL (On-sale Feb., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond