Image of All Souls' Night (Blood Ties)


Image of All Souls' Night (Blood Ties)

Armintrout pulls out all the stops in
her fourth and final Blood Ties book, skillfully setting up a climactic clash
of good vs. evil. Along the way,
familiar characters reappear and
new ones are introduced, and all
are uniformly detailed and interesting.
As before, Carrie's first-person
viewpoint makes up the bulk of
the narrative, adding much to a
bloody good read.

Recovering from the showdown with the Oracle, as well as the death of her first sire, Cyrus Kendrick, undead vampire hunters Carrie Ames and her lover, Nathan Grant, are preparing for the final battle with Cyrus' father, Jacob, aka the Soul Eater.

It's an unbalanced fight at best -- even without the zombie army Jacob's amassing. There's too much at stake for Carrie, Nathan and their merry band to walk away from -- even when it becomes clear that Carrie may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to tip the balance in their favor.

(MIRA, Jun., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer