Image of All the Summer Girls: A Novel (P.S.)


Image of All the Summer Girls: A Novel (P.S.)

This novel is a sensitive, vibrant and touching portrayal of childhood friends who are no longer able to cling to their younger selves yet not quite ready to fully commit to adulthood, coming to terms with the innocence, loves and dreams they lost one fateful summer. Donohue beautifully captures how the shimmering promise of youth and the sobering realities of maturity must coalesce to create a fully realized, hopeful woman.

The shore town of Avalon, N.J., is paradise lost for three high-school friends now facing their 30s: hard-driving lawyer Kate, who discovers she’s pregnant moments after her fiancé dumps her; chic stay-at-home Manhattan mom Vanessa, whose resentment blooms and then festers after her husband admits to a hot flirtation; and frustrated novelist Dani, who’s been adrift since Kate’s beloved twin brother drowned seven years ago. When all the summer girls reunite for a weekend in Avalon, they’re forced to confront the ghosts of their past, confess their shocking secrets and prepare for their new, grown-up futures. (MORROW, May, 228 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin