Both the Christian and literary communities lost a highly acclaimed and prolific author when Orcutt died in March. In addition to the many awards she received, she was also a finalist for RT's Reviewer's Choice Award for her 1998 title, The Hidden Heart. We are fortunate to have this wonderful novel filled with rich history, adventure, love and purpose.

Spontaneous Isabella Goodrich is resigned to a life of spinsterhood. At a party, she meets Mr. Phineas Snow, who claims to be a missionary seeking funds for the London Missionary Society. Isabella is so taken with the calling of missionary work, and Mr. Snow's passion for the poor, that she follows Phineas by secretly stowing away on a ship bound for China. When her presence is discovered, she learns that Phineas is an impostor seeking to destroy a company that is helping to import opium. As they both set out to accomplish their goals, the journey will hold surprises that will bring them together in a fight against injustice. Can they find love and fulfillment in a foreign land? (Revell, Jun., 352 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes