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by Connie Brockway

Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, 1817


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Secret government agent Colonel Jack Seward is intent on catching London's notorious and lovely cat burglar, known as Wrexhall's Wraith. He must not only capture the elusive thief, but recover a damaging letter that has been pilfered.

But he must also keep up the pretenses of society and thus he meets the widow Ann Wilder. Though Ann appears a quiet and plain woman, there is something about her that sparks Jack's interest and his erotic dreams alternate between the mysterious outlaw and the quiet widow.

Ann has been able to keep her secret while she climbs through windows stealing priceless gems. Like Robin Hood she only steals from those who refuse to pay their pledge to a home for widows and orphans. Suddenly she can no longer hide as easily when it appears Jack is paying her close attention.

Unknowingly Jack unleashes Ann's temper and as she enters his room intent upon teaching him a lesson she finds herself caught in his sensual spell. Now, she can no longer hide from Jack or her heart.

In a daring move Jack compels Ann to marry him to protect her and to uncover the letter's whereabouts, but in her arms he finds the means to cleanse his soul of the past and she discovers the ability to love beyond reason. Yet his mission and their love collide in a surprising conclusion.

Connie Brockway cements her place among the ranks of the finest romance writers with a deep and emotionally taut story that grabs your interest and never lets go. This keeper plays on your heartstrings and clings to your mind long after the end. VERY SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

Publisher: Dell

Published: October 1997

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All Through the Night

Submitted by Robin in PA on June 21, 2010 - 9:41pm.

Spy and Intelligence Officer Jack Seward has been charged with finding a cat burglar who is stealing from society's elite. Trapping the thief in the act of stealing some jewels, Jack discovers that the thief is a woman...a woman who tries to use sex to bargain her freedom. But the thief escapes, Jack infiltrates many of the ton's parties in order to find her. Instead he finds Anne Wilder, a lonely widow who is chaperoning a distant relative. He never suspects that the beautiful Anne is really the thief.

After reading several reviews for this book, I really expected to like it more than I did. I never actually figured out the reason why Anne was stealing from the rich, except for the fact that they had promised a donation to her charity and never carried through. Both Anne and Jack are tormented by their pasts, and both have many secrets. And, both were totally obsessed with the other. I thought the story dragged in some places and wish it could have moved along a little quicker. My rating: 3.5 Stars.