Newlyweds Joshua and Gloria Martin have it all-high-powered careers, a home in swanky suburban Atlanta, and a lifestyle that most people only dream of-until Joshua loses his job. After eight months Joshua is still unemployed and worse, his unemployment is having a terrible effect on him, his self-esteem and his marriage. Unable to face another day of unemployment, he takes a lucrative job in North Carolina, reluctantly agreeing to a commuter marriage until he can find a position in Atlanta or until Gloria finds one in Raleigh.

Since she's just been promoted and landed the project of the year, Gloria isn't thrilled at the prospect of giving up her job. Her career is just as important as his and she's worked just as hard as he has to get to the top. She loves her husband dearly, but his request isn't fair. She's not happy about a commuter marriage, but it's their best option.

Joshua and Gloria never imagined the cataclysmic effect their decision would have on their marriage. Through a maze of sacrifices, temptations and self-discoveries that could rock the foundation of their marriage, they learn that love is not enough to keep them together.

FORALLTIMEwill touch every woman's heart with its pathos and passion as Ms. Benson takes a heart-rending look at the stark realities of marriage after the honeymoon is over. It's one of the best romances of the season-Joshua and Gloria are the best couple out of the South since Rhett and Scarlett. (Aug., 301pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson